Welcome to AURUS, a Company of Fine Jewels.

Aurus is a shared dream to create a young, exclusive and modern brand that offers a certain design sensibility within a boutique set-up thereby making the experience of buying jewelry very personal.

At Aurus, we combine simplicity with elegance to design jewelry that is classic and timeless. With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, use of the finest quality of jewels and a founding philosophy of highest ethical standards, Aurus is catered towards a clientele that seeks quality and authenticity.

Aurus is a collective initiative of Kunal & Puja Shah.

  Puja Shah | Co-Founder & Designer

Puja is a qualified jewelry designer. A biochemist by education, Puja discovered her artistic leanings in New York where she originally went to pursue a Master’s in Genetics at the New York University (NYU). The creative bug in her soon took over and she gave up her NYU program to pursue Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York’s premier design school. 

An avid art lover, Puja was actively associated with New York’s finest museums – the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. These affiliations have a vivid influence on Puja’s creations as she employs her design sensibility and exposure to the world’s best art in her jewelry. Puja moved back to India in 2002 and launched her jewelry design studio in 2003 for bespoke jewelry. She has exhibited her designs in jewelry shows and has participated in international art/jewelry conferences. Aurus represents the next step in her journey from running a design studio to setting up a boutique jewelry store. 

  Kunal Shah | Co-Founder

After graduating as a chemical engineer, Kunal went on to pursue his Master's in the United States. He worked with Deloitte Consulting in New York before returning to India in 2002 after which he joined AIA Engineering Limited, where he is currently the Executive Director-Finance.
'Kunal's LinkedIn Profile'

AURUS brings together Puja and Kunal with a classic left-brain / right-brain combination. While Puja leads the design and customer engagement, Kunal drives the brand strategy and operations side of the business, besides being an investor for the venture.

Being married to each other, for Puja and Kunal, Aurus represents a shared dream to create something special, to evolve from being friends to spouses and now to partners.

  •   Prachi Bakeri | Ahmedabad, India

    "I have bought many pieces of jewelry from Puja for myself and my daughters who are also fond of Puja's work. We like almost all the pieces that we see and it comes to a point where surprisingly Puja had to tell my daughters not to purchase any more from that particular collection.

    When I come to Puja, I am always sure about integrity which includes quality, rates and everything else. She will never mis-guide me for anything so I am at ease while shopping for my jewelry as it is my investment for future, of course with the pleasure of wearing it. I appreciate Puja's straight forwardness.

    Whenever I go to other jewelry shops, I like few pieces amongst many while when I come here I like many pieces. But most importantly, my confidence in her comes first."

  •   Kavita Mandalia | Nairobi/ London

    "I bought my wedding necklace and a handful of other small pieces from Aurus. I had an idea of what I wanted and Aurus adapted the idea to create beautifully crafted pieces, which were truly unique.

    The personalized service was impeccable. I was looped in at every step and that made all the difference! After discussing my ideas and consulting on the best way forward, everything was completed without any problems.

    The results were amazing! It was a fantastic experience and I have continued to purchase from Aurus ever since."

  •   Priyanka Tandon | Nasik, India

    "I have been buying jewelry regularly from Puja. A mix of earrings, rings and bracelets. Experience was good which is why I go back there again and again.

    The designs are what i like, they are different than the usual stuff you get in the market. The mix of stones with the diamonds giving it a very Indo western look and Puja does experiment with different and unique designs which give an edge over the rest."

  •   Vidhi Shah | Vadodara, India

    "I have bought multiple pieces from Puja ranging from a small ring to a neck piece. The experience was personalized and professional at the same time in all aspects, may it be review meetings or delivery dates and the dealing was very transparent.

    The unique selling point of Aurus that would make me want to buy again would be the design which blends uniqueness, style and customization per our liking and taste!"

  •   Anuja Agrawal | Ahmedabad, India

    "The best thing about Aurus is that their designs are quite different from the usual jewelry you find in the market. I really like that and so I bought earrings and bracelets from Aurus. Till date, the compliments have not stopped!"

Taking Care of AURUS

Diamonds are one of the hardest known natural materials, but when se in jewelry, they can be quite vulnerable and need great care.

To clean the diamonds use a a mix of warm water and mild soap/detergent. Use a soft brush to clean. Once it is cleaned, rinse it using a strainer and dab it clean using a dry cloth.

Taking care of your jewelry in advance can help prevent a lot of damage to your precious piece.

  • Avoid wearing diamond jewelry during physical exercises, cooking or any activity that could cause scratches.
  • Natural skin oils affect diamonds and hence these can lead to a loss of lustre. Even everyday movements may cause soil and smudge on your jewelry.
  • If you do not wear your jewelry, it still gains dust. But in case you want to keep it safe in a bank vault, store pieces individually, wrapped in muslin cloth and stored in plastic containers.
  • Commercially available jewelry boxes are not recommended for storage. They may have chemical adhesives that may cause discolouring and blackening.
  • If your jewelry is discoloured or blackened due to any of the above reasons or due to everyday exposure to weather, this is not due to inferior gold quality. All you need to do is to get them cleaned and repolished again.

That perfect wedding needs that
perfect jewelry. And that is what we
deliver. Conjuring your ideas into
gold, diamonds and precious stones,
we have the best jewels to adorn you
on your day through our very
exclusive Bridal collection.

This line of select fine jewelry is
meant for all the formal occasions
you need to appear in your best. Be it
that little black dress or the classy
saree that you adorn, our cocktail line
of jewels go great, adding to the
charm and elegance of your clothes.

The studio collection represents
the pret line of jewelry at Aurus.
Gold and diamonds combine with
precious and semi-precious stones
in a very playful manner making
this line of jewelry very versatile.

the wedding experience

"Every bride-to-be has pictured how her wedding will be, right from the venue, to the decor, to clothes and jewellery.
At Aurus, we put together all her ideas, and working with a budget that has been provided, help customise jewellery that completes her vision of a perfect wedding.

The adjoining video says it all. Do check it out."

Contact AURUS

'AURUS', 218, Sushil Park
Behind Alpha One Mall
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380 054
Gujarat, INDIA.

Phone: +91 8866186000