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Jewels of the Nizams - Drawing a parallel

Jewels of the Nizams - Drawing a parallel

March 16, 2019

This Tuesday found me heading to Delhi to see the Nizam’s Jewellery Collection, an amalgamation of jewels unparalleled in its sheer value and size. The entire collection was familiar to me as I have referred to the catalog several times in the past years for my work, but what awaited me was something I had not anticipated.
Ushered into a enormous room-like vault, there lay gleaming before me window after window of the finest Golconda diamonds (almas), Colombian emeralds (zamarrud), Basra pearls (marvareed), spinels (yakhoot), Kashmiri Sapphires (Neelam) etc so magnificent in size, brilliant in quality and set in some of the most beautiful ornaments that I have ever seen! It was one thing to see these jewels in a book and an another- an experience so enthralling that words cannot explain, to see them in flesh and colour.

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