Shyam Necklace

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A tangible piece of poetry and bliss, this necklace is beautiful from one end to another. This neckpiece is worked in gold with a beautifully detailed center pendant for those with a deep love for one of a kind jewelry. The center of focus is embellished with turquoise, uncut diamonds and finished with emerald beads, while the neckpiece is strung delicately with pearls interspersed with emeralds and gold balls. Suspended from the lines are crescent-shaped enameled units set with diamonds and finished with gold units, hessonites, agates, and tourmalines.

Estimated details
Gold (24K) : 18.6 gm
Uncut diamonds/Polki : 1.90ct
Precious and Semi Precious Stone : 88 ct
Pearls : 20ct
(The design is made in 18K and 24K gold. The above weights are indicative and consolidated.)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.

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