OG Telugu Bridal Necklaces to Pass the Pelli-kooturu Vibe-check

Published: Wed, Nov 16, 2022
Telugu bridal necklace designs

Every bride across the diverse cultural breadth of India is a vision to behold in her own right. And a Telugu bride is no different. Based on their varying origins and wedding rituals, one can find subtle differences in the types of Telugu brides they may come across. Same is true of the wedding jewelry they adorn. In this blog, we talk about different wedding necklaces that are must-haves for different Telugu brides in their trousseau!

Telugu Brides and Their Wedding Necklaces

Broadly speaking, you can come across three different types of Telugu brides—Reddy Bride, Vysya Bride, and Nizami Bride. Each has her own typical wedding jewelry. Today, we’re going to talk about bridal necklace designs that are typical to each type of bride.

Telugu Wedding Jewelry

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The Reddy Bride

The Reddy bride likes to adorn herself with ornate temple jewels made of gold and a heavy silk saree. Known for wearing substantial jewelry with amazing ease, Reddy brides have the following items wedding necklaces in their trousseau:

Sutralu Golusu

Telugu Sutralu Golusu

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The Sutralu Golusu, the southern counterpart of the North Indian Mangalsutra, is one of the most significant elements of a Telugu wedding for a Reddy bride. During the wedding ceremony, the husband ties it around the neck of the bride. Red beads and pendants with religious themes or two coins are common examples of this.

Gundla Haram

Gundla Haram Necklace

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A classic and elegant bridal necklace, the Gundla Haram is made of golden beads and has several beaded layers that are connected by a pendant on either one or both sides. Historically worn by members of the royal family, Gundla Harams are cherished by contemporary Reddy brides as well.

The Vysya Bride

In contrast to Reddy brides, the Vysya bride wears lighter bridal jewelry and don modest sarees. The following are the essential wedding necklaces in her bridal trousseau:

Nakshi Haram

Nakshmi Haram Bridal Necklace

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The Nakshi Haram bridal necklace is made with the ancient skill of carving gods, goddesses, fairies, and other legendary beings out of sheets of gold. Handcrafted by the best artisans, the exquisite gold carvings on the Nakshi Haram are embellished with precious stones and pearls. You can layer this striking wedding necklace with other lighter necklaces because it is heavier than the rest.

Sutralu Golusu

Sutralu Golusu Wedding Necklace

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Just like the Reddy bride, the Sutralu Golusu is a crucial wedding necklace for a Vysya bride as well. Here too, the husband ties it around the neck of the bride.

The Nizami Bride

A Nizami bride reflects the distinctive grandeur of the Nizams who ruled Hyderabad years ago. Her jewelry choice, which includes pearls and priceless stones, further emphasizes the regal vibe. The following bridal necklaces are a part of every Nizami bride's bridal jewelry set:


Satlada Necklace

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A seven-strand pearl necklace, increasing in length consecutively, the Satlada is made with pearls and pendants.The older versions have been known to include 465 pearls, but most modern versions have any number with diamonds and other gemstones, with each strand acting as an independent necklace with its own pendant. The Satlada is typically gifted by the mother-in-law at the wedding ceremony.

Jada Huwa Lachcha

Nizami Telugu Wedding Necklace

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One of the most desired wedding necklaces among Nizami brides is the gorgeous Jada Huwa Lachcha or the Nizami choker. The Jada Huwa Lachcha is frequently the most elaborate and eye-catching piece of jewelry in a trousseau. It is made out of gold and uncut diamonds, with emeralds or rubies. In contrast to the Satlada, the Jada Huwa Lachcha is given to the bride by her parents.

Nizami Jugni

Nizami Jugni Bridal Necklace

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The Nizami Jugni is a multi-stranded pearl necklace with a striking kundan pendant set with precious stones. The pendant, which is formed like a raw mango and decorated with stones, is the focal point of this necklace design. It is one of the lighter wedding necklaces that a Nizami bride can wear for the smaller wedding celebration events.


Nizami Tirmani Bridal Necklace

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The name Tirmani is composed of two words - Tir comes from tri, meaning three, and mani meaning gemstone. Three distinct precious elements, namely diamonds, pearls and rubies or emeralds are used to make the Tirmani. It is a distinctive, aristocratic Nizami bridal necklace that the Nizami bride can choose for a regal look.