COPY These Necklaces for Reception Will Make Everyone Go Wow!

Published: Fri, Apr 28, 2023
COPY These Necklaces for Reception Will Make Everyone Go Wow!

First things first, congratulations! As you and your match made in heaven host an event for the first time as a married couple, you want to look your best. While that newly-wed glow will certainly help, another thing that you need to embellish your reception day outfit is jewelry that catches every eye. And what better than a stunning necklace to complete the look?

Accessorizing with a necklace can be your go-to option for all kinds of outfits. From simple and elegant to bold and statement-making, there are endless necklace ideas to choose from, all of which can add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. Let’s take a look at some fine pieces of Indian necklaces for women and how they can be paired with different Indian outfits to create a bewitching reception day look.

Necklaces That Will Make You the Life of the Party

We’ve listed some of the finest pieces from our collection that will surely impress you and will be perfect to grace your reception day outfit. Take a look.

Mauktika Necklace

necklace for reception

After a loud and bold wedding day look, going with a subtle and minimal outfit for your reception can be a great idea. And for that same reason, we start with the Mauktika Necklace. This piece of fine jewelry speaks elegance all the way. The all-white necklace can be the perfect piece to decorate your white outfit or to go with other earthy tones.

The pearls and brilliant-cut diamonds of this Indian necklace can effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to the look. You can go with the classic variant or pick the extended version of the luxury necklace if you’re looking for a little more shine.

Chaaru Necklace

charu necklace for reception

If you plan on donning a black outfit on your reception day, you can go with the elegance of Chaaru Necklace. The regal green Indian necklace, inspired by the magnificent Indian turban ornaments, is embellished with diamonds, emerald drops, and rubies. The beautiful crescent holds a ruby in the middle, and strands of emerald hold the ornate pendant.

This luxury necklace is a beautiful amalgam of multiple elements that can amp up any look. It can easily become your statement piece and the rest of the jewelry in your ensemble can be based on its elements.

Ananya Choker

ananya choker necklace for reception

If the wedding-red fever hasn’t worn off yet and you’re planning a red attire for your reception day, you can go with a magnificent piece such as the Ananya Choker to adorn the outfit. The choker necklace perfectly shows how jewelry is an art.

The choker necklace made in gold is accentuated with polki/uncut diamonds and the magnificent pink tourmaline which serves perfectly when you’re donning a white outfit and trying to add a little more color to it. And in a red setting, the pink hue of the choker necklace surely adds more depth and flavor to the overall ensemble.

Ayesha Necklace

ayesha necklace for reception

If you’re looking for an exquisite Indian necklace for reception day to adorn your pretty pink outfit, the search ends here. Nothing beats the pink-on-pink arrangement and the Ayesha Necklace is the perfect example to prove it.

The vintage necklace, crafted beautifully in 14K gold, is strung with rows of cultured pearls. The necklace gets its brilliant and vibrant pink color from natural tourmalines. The pave-set brilliant cut diamonds add a touch of sophistication to the piece and the blue tanzanite drops, along with the pearl in the center, give it a perfect finish. The necklace is ideal if you’re going for a complete pink ensemble but can also fit in nicely with other outfits as well.

Naina Pearl Carpet Necklace

naina pearl necklace for reception

An array of delicate pearls, woven together to make an intricate and beautiful carpet—we present to you the Naina Pearl Carpet Necklace. The simple and tranquil design of this vintage Indian necklace can surely fit in well if you’re in search of something subtle to add to your reception day ensemble.

The necklace features brilliant cut diamonds and tanzanite in the center, giving it a regal touch. Finished with a pearl in the center and hanging tanzanite drops, the necklace is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses it. This piece of fine jewelry can be effortlessly paired with many outfits and add a touch of brilliance to them all.

Amaal Necklace

amaal necklace for reception

A riot of colors, the Amaal Necklace has it all. The beautifully crafted gold necklace is rendered with a play of eight pendants. Each pendant holds a ruby set in gold and brilliant cut diamonds. The center pendant holds a pear-shaped ruby bordered by diamonds. The necklace is bordered with pearls and finished with tanzanite drops.

The necklace is the ideal pick when you’re trying to add a touch of flavor to your pearl-white reception outfit. The red of the rubies and the blue of the tanzanite go hand in hand to create an exciting and interesting look. If you’re planning to embellish your reception day outfit with this luxury necklace, you’ll surely be receiving a lot of attention. So, make sure you put in a good word for us whenever someone compliments the piece!

Jheel Necklace

jheel necklace for reception

Consisting of six pendants clubbed together, this Indian necklace pays tribute to the Hyderabadi techniques of crafting fine jewelry. The pendants are alternately placed with ornate units that hold rose-cut diamonds and emeralds set in gold. Each pendant holds an emerald in the center lined with pearls. Bunches of seed pearls, and hints of turquoise and green finish the piece with grace.

The Jheel Necklace, with its elegance and simplicity, can be a perfect addition to your reception ensemble. The green emeralds and the shine of the diamonds are sure to beautify your yellow outfit and take the whole look to a new level.

Bela Necklace

bela polki/uncut diamond necklace for reception

The perfect example of ‘less is more’ is the Bela Necklace. The classic, all-white polki/uncut diamond necklace is an extremely versatile piece with neutral colors that you can wear with almost any outfit.

What makes it even better is the simple yet sophisticated design of the necklace. The piece never fails to express it all without saying much. Easy to pair with all kinds of outfits, the Bela necklace can work wonders when teamed up with a blue or royal green outfit. Not only will it perfectly complement the colors, but will also polish the entire look. If you’re looking for a vintage luxury necklace for reception day that turns heads wherever you go, your search ends here.

Your reception day is the first time you and your significant other receive the guests as a couple. While you try to make sure that everything’s in order, do not forget about finding the right piece to accentuate your reception day outfit. With the pieces we have listed and the ones that you can find in our Indian necklace collection, you’ll be able to find the right piece of fine jewelry to embellish all sorts of outfits. Play with the colors and styles, mix and match, and find your perfect fit. And when you do, make sure you send us a picture. We’ve earned it, haven’t we?

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