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Aurus is a brand that offers a refined sensibility of design with an enhanced experience of buying fine jewels. With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, use of the finest materials and a founding philosophy of highest ethical standards, Aurus appeals to the constantly evolving woman of today who seeks classic and timeless jewels. Jewels that are not very complicated or dictated by a trend. Jewels that reflect a hint of contemporary to make it relevant today.

Browse through our four moods and discover what resonates with you the most.

We have curated a selection of pieces that best define our ideology and categorized them into four distinct moods. The experience we want to offer at Aurus is reflective of our own ideas that define an ideal occasion- from simple to traditional, from flamboyant to the whimsical, we have it all covered!

Luxury is a feeling, unrushed. The new idiom : Make it small, but significant. The meaning of true luxury is not about how much we own, it's about how well we live. To live well, we need certainty and assurance and that comes with owning less and meaningful products. A true testament to that idea of discreet luxury and beauty in Indian jewelry made timeless with an edge of refinement. The beauty of Aurus jewelry is that it's so wearable. You may buy around the wedding but it fits the ideology, that you don't need special occasions to wear jewelry.

Nisha Kundnani

Thanks for the lovely piece. It is just what I hoped it to be. Reminds me of these little jewelry trinkets I would find in my grandmothers trunk. The studs which have lost the screw, the pendant that doesn’t have a chain. And I always wanted to bring them all altogether in one piece that brought back her memories. Unfortunately my grandma passed and the trinkets went many ways. This piece reminds me of what it could have been. Was so well packed. Thank you for making this happen. I can make your signature piece MY OWN.

Prasanna Bhaskar

Luxury Goods Professional
Aurus is known as the brand that caters to the modern sensibilities of today’s women. It gives you the freedom to customize jewelry that fit your sangeet ensemble. It also gives you tasseled necklaces that are versatile enough to wear on a saree and shirt alike.

Vogue India

Something old, something new, something re-worked and something blue. The idea of resuscitating old traditions was what intrigued Puja Shah, to work on her new collection, Egyptian revival. Every piece has a styling ethos that brings out the designers' inclination towards repurposing vintage jewelry and giving it new life.

The Morning Standard

Indian Express
Aurus concerns itself with creating unique fashion trends in jewelry design and although a lot of these ornaments are inspired from one particular motif, the brand does not generalize in adhering to these themes alone.

Femina India

I am so glad I found you! I have been wearing the Ariya necklace and all the other jewels I bought from you, and love them! Always a pleasure to see what you all are upto.

Vandana Berjis Desai

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