These Navaratna Indian Bridal Jewelry Pieces Will Add the Wow Factor to Your Look!

Published: Thu, Nov 23, 2023
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These Navaratna Indian Bridal Jewelry Pieces Will Add the Wow Factor to Your Look!

For centuries, India has been renowned for its intricate adornments that transcend mere ornamentation, serving as powerful cultural artifacts. Jewelry in India is much more than just an accessory, especially Indian bridal jewelry. A captivating embodiment of cultural heritage, craftsmanship, and spiritual symbolism, traditional Indian bridal jewelry is truly a work of art. Each ornament narrates a story, a reflection of heritage, and a testament to the rich traditions that have endured for centuries. Among the many exquisite styles, Navaratna jewelry stands out as a remarkable example.

What is Navaratna Bridal Jewelry?

Derived from two Sanskrit words Nava meaning “nine” and Graha meaning “gems” Navaratna jewelry features an exquisite arrangement of nine precious gems, namely, diamond, ruby, pearl, emerald, sapphire, coral, topaz, cat's eye, and garnet, set in specific arrangements in various ornaments like rings, pendants, and necklaces.

Rooted in the sacred philosophy of nine celestial gemstones, Navaratna jewelry harmoniously combines astrological significance with the artistic brilliance of Indian bridal jewelry. Each gemstone is believed to represent a celestial body, resulting in jewelry pieces that not only enhance physical beauty but also offer protection, balance, and holistic well-being.

The concept of Navaratna jewelry exemplifies the interconnectedness of nature and spirituality in Indian thought, offering a tangible expression of cosmic balance and individual well-being through exquisite, meaningful Indian bridal jewelry pieces. We have listed a few of the finest examples of this exquisite jewelry type for you to add to your collection!

Navratna Ear Studs

Navratna Ear Studs by Aurus

Embracing tradition and sophistication, the Navratna Ear Studs embody India's timeless charm. With a legacy as ancient as the nation itself, this Indian bridal jewelry is a tribute to our rich history. Meticulously crafted in gold, they feature the revered nine gemstones framed by delicate pearl accents. Whispering stories of tradition and beauty, and honoring the cultural tapestry of India, the Navratna Ear Studs are a symphony of heritage and elegance.

Vaidehi Earrings

Vaidehi Earrings by Aurus

Vaidehi earrings pay homage to the age-old legacy of Navratna and the charm of chandbaalis with a modern twist. Embodying India's timeless heritage through its exquisite design, this Indian bridal jewelry is a true work of art. Crafted with precision, these gold earrings showcase the splendor of uncut diamonds (polki). The centerpiece features an elegant peacock motif surrounded by charming gemstones in soothing hues, accentuated by delicate pearl details. Hanging gracefully, these gems are suspended from a majestic gold Navratna top.

Nritya Earrings

Nritya Earrings by Aurus

A mesmerizing testament to artistry, Nritya earrings, blending gold with Navaratna tops, gemstones, carved gold elements, and enameled capsules, showcase innovation. True to its name, this Indian bridal jewelry dances with colors—uncut diamond, amethyst, tourmaline, and green enamel—forming a harmonious choreography of elegance.

Deccani Navratna Necklace

Deccani Navranta Necklace by Aurus

The Deccani Navratna Necklace is an exquisite Indian bridal jewelry creation that marries the allure of Deccan heritage with contemporary elegance. Handcrafted with finesse, it features a gold choker belt adorned with a mesmerizing array of Navaratna gemstones. The necklace boasts a perfect blend of tradition and luxury, accentuated by the delicate gemstone drops.

Rituraj necklace

Rituraj Necklace by Aurus

The Rituraj necklace is an exquisite embodiment of the Navratna gem arrangement. Nine gems set in an extended linear design elegantly display the beauty of craftsmanship. At the heart of this exquisite piece lies a radiant ruby, symbolizing the sun, embraced by surrounding principal gems. This necklace not only showcases the beauty of each stone but also carries a historical belief in its power to harmonize human existence with the celestial influences of the planets.

Seher Earrings

Seher Earrings by Aurus

Seher Earrings redefine classic beauty, making them a must-have for those who appreciate the fusion of cultural heritage and modern style. Skillfully handcrafted, these Jhumkas boast a splendid navaratna gemstone top, exuding a kaleidoscope of colors. The meticulously designed gold body perfectly complements the pearl embellishments, adding a touch of sophistication to this Indian bridal jewelry.

Nafisa Ring

Nafisa Ring by Aurus

Meticulously handcrafted, the Nafisa Ring harmoniously captures the allure of Navaratna Indian bridal jewelry radiating both beauty and significance. A true embodiment of artistry, it boasts intricate craftsmanship in gleaming gold featuring an arrangement of nine gems, forming an elegant circle. At its heart, a radiant ruby symbolizes the sun, infusing the ring with a captivating focal point.

Intricately weaving together tradition, culture, and craftsmanship, Navaratna Indian bridal jewelry stands as a symbol of timeless elegance. It not only adorns but also empowers, encapsulating the rich tapestry of Indian beliefs and splendor in an exquisite ensemble.


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