"Jewelry is an object of permanence, something that transcends the boundaries of age and time and that can be passed on from one generation to another.
Aurus is a shared dream to create a young, exclusive and modern brand that offers a certain design sensibility, and offers to simplify and enhance the experience of buying fine jewelry. We play on the lines of simplicity to design jewelry that is classic and timeless. With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, use of the finest quality of jewels and a founding philosophy of highest ethical standards, Aurus is an idea, for the constantly evolving woman of today, simplifying the task of buliding a jewelry trousseau.

Meet the founders
Puja & Kunal Shah-Aurus

Minds in synergy, coffee and two pairs of brown dreamy eyes on a Sunday morning. Here’s to a random chat that turned into a business conversation. Meet Puja and Kunal, they are a classic left brain right - brain combination with Puja driving design and Kunal driving business. They had dreamt of owning a business together before they got married in 2001. It culminated in setting up AURUS in 2013 with a boutique store in Ahmedabad.
Puja Shah is a qualified jewelry designer from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York. An avid art lover, Puja was actively associated with New York’s finest museums – the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. These affiliations have a vivid influence on her as she employs her design sensibility and varied exposure to her designs. Puja launched a design studio in 2003 for fine designer jewelry.
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