About IFJ

AN EFFORT TO IMPART KNOWLEDGE ON INDIA’S PRECIOUS JEWELLERY‘Family Jewels: Indian Adornment Revealed’ is an effort to impart knowledge on the distinction of India’s precious jewellery, recognising many of its roots including tribal, agrarian, trade based or royal. Often, pieces were created in other materials which later became more elaborate, made in gold and precious stones. Currently, many pieces are created incorporating elements borrowed from multiple styles, or imagined entirely new through contemporary avatars. Today, most are worn without original intention, signifying that jewellery continues to assume its rightful role as a product of our culture, adapting and changing over time.

With this undertaking, our intention is to document the origins and narratives around jewellery from India. Contentious narratives, lack of documentation and a repository so large it is effectively immeasurable. This is not a definitive document but rather, a beginning of a conversation sharing information pieces both familiar and lesser known.

Beginning with seven neckpieces specifically associated with weddings, this is a first step in an enormous undertaking intended to further document jewellery categories across India. We welcome your support in this cultural documentation made for the global community. Should you wish to help, please do contact us HERE.