Leela Peacock Necklace

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"Peacock", "Mor", "Mayura",.....many names, a pure, startling and resounding poetry of colours. Symbolizing pride, majesty and the celestial world in many cultures, the grandeur of their plumage inspires all.
The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan is said to have sat on the peacock throne because of the multitude of peacocks encrusted with precious stones. Sacred, it is also considered to be the only bird with the courage to fight cobras. The peacock would then be a metaphor for a self-confident woman wearing her dazzling finery.

Estimated Details:

Gold(14K) : 25.6g
Brilliant cut diamonds (six 10 pointer diamonds on the outer circle) (VVS-VS clarity, F-G color) : 0.60ct
Brilliant cut diamonds (VVS-VS clarity, F-G color) : 2.42 ct
Rose cut diamonds : 0.85 ct
Emeralds : 46.8 ct
Pearls : 42.24 ct
(The above weights are indicative)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.
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