COPY The Big Fat Indian Wedding Meets Modern Chic: A Stylist’s Take

Published: Fri, Apr 28, 2023
COPY The Big Fat Indian Wedding Meets Modern Chic: A Stylist’s Take

Feature image: a still from Dia Mirza's wedding. Courtesy: Dia Mirza

Gone are the days when all weddings looked the same. With the evolution of Indian weddings, things have become less strictly traditional and more personal. While Indian weddings have a reputation for being heavily influenced by culture and traditions, weddings today have a fair share of non-traditional elements in them to make the day more interesting and exciting. And why not? Including the things that the couple loves in the wedding design will only make the day more special and memorable. Let’s see how you can add non-traditional elements to your wedding style and how a personal wedding stylist can be of assistance during the process.

Where to Start?

Honestly, go crazy. There are no rules when it comes to making your own wedding more ‘you’. Have your personal wedding stylist help you pick out your favorite elements and incorporate them seamlessly into the design. We’ve listed some non-traditional elements below that you can start with.

Going Beyond the Classic Red

Red is the classic when it comes to an Indian wedding but since we’re trying to make it different, why not explore other colors as well? Why not have a go at the magnificent green or elegant blue? A royal green dress can give you a regal look and can be easily paired with heavy gold jewelry. If you want something tranquil but grand at the same time, blue is your buddy. You can embellish your blue outfit with silver jewelry and complete the look.

green indian wedding lehenga

Image courtesy: Pexels

You can use these colors and create a matching look with your match made in heaven. And if you’re still on team red, trying on a pink outfit might change your mind. Have your bridal wedding stylist pick matching pieces encrusted with gemstones and diamonds and you’ll create an ensemble that is just as great as the red one, if not better.

Make It Yours

We have one word for you here—personalize. Make your special day truly yours. Don’t let anything stop you from incorporating the ‘you’ element in everything. Don’t just stop at the flowers and decorations. Make quirky hashtags and click selfies with all the guests holding them. Print your nicknames on the wedding invitations along with the hashtags. Have your story made into a collage and show it to your guests. There’s so much that you can do to make it more personal and special.

Personalizing can add a special touch to the celebration of your special day. Not only will it make the day more memorable, but it’ll also depict your journey and tell the guests your beautiful story.

Invite Your Four-legged Friend

Image courtesy: Pinterest

You thought your best friend would stay at home and leave you alone on the most important day of your life? Not happening. Your dog or cat is free to tag along and grace the event with their presence. Not only will it make the wedding more fun, but your friend can keep the guests entertained as well. And we don’t have to mention the photos, right?

Have your personal wedding stylist divide the venue in a way that allows you to have a zone where your canine or feline friend can stay. This way the guests can be comfortable and those who want to hang out with your four-legged friend can stay in their zone. We won’t be surprised if a particular zone experiences the heaviest footfall if you know what we mean! *wink wink*

Look for a Better Location

By better, we mean something that is closer to your heart. Instead of a generic wedding venue, you can go with a place where you and your significant other had shared a special moment or someplace that reminds you of a happy memory. It can be the venue where your mom and dad were married or even a small rooftop. You can always reach out to your personal wedding stylist and they can help you find something that fits your needs.

Have your wedding stylist decorate your special wedding venue properly and put your personal elements into the decoration. If your preferred venue is small, you can always go with a small wedding and have a bigger party later. This way you’ll get married at a special place with your special person and it’ll all just make your wedding day more memorable.

Movie-Inspired Themes

For all the movie buffs, you can make your wedding day more cinematic by adding more movie elements to the decorations. Pick your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movies and have your wedding stylist create a design inspired by them. From SRK’s DDLJ to Julia Robert’s My Best Friend's Wedding, nothing is off the table. You can always create a mix of your and your significant other’s favorite movies with the help of your wedding stylist and show your guests your story using them.

And if you’re not a fan of romantic comedies, you can pick your favorite superhero classics or you can go with the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Have your personal wedding stylist incorporate elements of your favorite characters into your wedding outfit and the decorations of the venue. This way, you can make your special day more flavorful and enjoyable for the guests as well as yourselves.

Bend the Tradition

The best way to add non-traditional elements to an Indian wedding is by bending the tradition. For instance, you can take the ‘baarat’ to the groom’s family instead of the traditional way or ditch the horseback ride and the cars and ride a bike instead. You can, with the help of your bridal wedding stylist, add non-traditional elements to your wedding outfit or completely ditch the bridal lehengas and try something new. To make your wedding ceremony more interesting, you can write and read wedding vows to each other. Elements like these don’t break the tradition but bend it in a way that makes the whole process new and more exciting.

Shine Brighter and Better

When you’re done selecting your outfit and moving on to the jewelry, make sure you explore all your options. Sit down with your wedding stylist and create fusions of different looks. Just because you’re donning an Indian outfit, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wear Indian jewelry as well. The same goes for the reverse scenario.

Style your wedding ensemble in your own way and add your personal element to it. Play with diamonds and different colors that go with your wedding outfit and construct a look that matches your definition of style. It doesn’t have to be inspired by a magazine or some Instagram posts. It can be something that you can give birth to using your creativity and with a little help from your personal wedding stylist.

While these are some things to get you started, the list is different for every couple. Remember, the goal is to not break the tradition but make the day more fun and exciting by adding non-traditional elements to it. Brainstorm with your personal wedding stylist and come up with interesting ideas that can make your wedding day more special and memorable.

If you’re in search of a bridal wedding stylist that can bring your dream look to life, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

Indian bridal jewelry has long been synonymous with the dazzle of polki, the traditional uncut diamond style. The shimmering brilliance of polki has adorned brides for generations, creating an aura of grandeur and opulence. However, the world of traditional Indian bridal jewelry goes beyond polki, offering a diverse array of choices. Nestled among carefully woven designs, these gemstones are the driving force of the kaleidoscopic hues of Indian bridal jewelry. Today, we will take a deep dive into the enchanting world of gemstones, offering not only aesthetic beauty but also cultural and symbolic significance.


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