COPYY The Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Bracelet Size

Published: Fri, Apr 28, 2023
COPYY The Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Bracelet Size

Knowing your size while picking an Indian bracelet is vital. You don’t want a bracelet or bangle that’s too tight on your wrist or one that hangs loose and gets in the way of doing things. Knowing the balance can help you pick an Indian bracelet or a bangle that not only goes with your vibe but also sits comfortably on your wrist. Here’s how you can find your fit.

Bangles That Fit Properly

If you already have a bangle that fits you well but you don’t know your size, here’s how you can find it. All you need is a ruler and a sheet of paper.

Mark the initial point of the ruler and place the edge of your bangle on that point. Then measure the inner diameter of the bangle.

bangle size measurement

Once you know the diameter, you can refer to the table given below and find the size of your bangle.

 Diameter Bangle Size
50.8 mm 2
54.0 mm 2.2
57.2 mm 2.4
60.3 mm 2.6
63.5 mm 2.8
66.7 mm 2.10

If you don’t already have a bangle that fits you properly, don’t worry. Finding your size is equally easy as the first method. All you need is a string. Wrap the string along the widest part of your hand and mark where the two ends meet. Measure the length of the string using a ruler and refer to the table above to find your size. You can try on bangles of the same size or one size up and get the ones that you feel more comfortable wearing.

You can use the same measurements while purchasing oval bracelets or bangles of any other kind.

Finding Your Bracelet Size

If you’ve found an Indian bracelet but don’t know what’s your size, all you need is a thread and a ruler.

Wrap the thread around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet. Don’t make it too tight, make sure it is comfortably wrapped around your wrist. Measure the length of the thread using the ruler.

bracelet size measurement

Once you’ve measured your wrist, use the table below to find your size. 

 Wrist Measurement  Bracelet Length (In Inches)
129.5 mm–139.7 mm 6
150.8 mm 6.5
160 mm 7
170.1 mm 7.5
180.34 mm 8
190.5 mm 8.5
208.2 mm–215.9 mm 9

For a bracelet that doesn’t open and needs to fit over your entire hand, you can refer to your bangle size chart. Using these measurements, you can purchase bracelets of any kind.

What’s Your Fit?

Indian bracelet bangle

Left: Kankana bangle by Aurus

Right: Gajra Pacheli bangle by Aurus

Do you prefer a snug fit or a loose fit? If you’re going for a snug fit, we suggest thinner, lighter bracelets that don’t suffocate your wrists. Thicker and heavier bracelets look better with a loose fit. For a tight fit, you can add half a fourth or half a size to your measurements, one whole size for a comfortable fit, and more if you’re looking for a loose-fit Indian bracelet.

Knowing your snug, comfortable, and loose sizes can help you when you’re stacking your bracelets. This way you can plan your layers properly and create a cohesive arm party.

Indian bracelets and bangles are perfect when you have to pick jewelry for your traditional Indian outfits. They can be effortlessly paired with all colors and can team up well with other pieces of jewelry. Now that you know your size, feel free to take a look at our elegant and chic Indian bracelets that can add some more glam to your ensemble and give it a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Indian bridal jewelry has long been synonymous with the dazzle of polki, the traditional uncut diamond style. The shimmering brilliance of polki has adorned brides for generations, creating an aura of grandeur and opulence. However, the world of traditional Indian bridal jewelry goes beyond polki, offering a diverse array of choices. Nestled among carefully woven designs, these gemstones are the driving force of the kaleidoscopic hues of Indian bridal jewelry. Today, we will take a deep dive into the enchanting world of gemstones, offering not only aesthetic beauty but also cultural and symbolic significance.


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