Accessorizing and embellishing an outfit takes more than just jewelry. Knowing the color and shades and what two pieces to pair together becomes essential for creating a cohesive look that matches your vibe. When it comes to hand jewelry, a single piece is sometimes not enough. But you also don’t want to overcrowd it with multiple bracelets and bangles. Balancing it out and keeping it in the sweet spot is vital for achieving the bridal day look that you always wanted. But how do you stack Indian bracelets in a way that they complement each other and bring out your best? To find out, keep reading.

Creating the Perfect Indian Bracelet Stack

When it comes to wearing jewelry, there are no rules. So, going with something that matches your vibe will always serve you best. Wear rare colors that match your vibe or keep it minimal, nobody can stop you. The same principle applies to stacking jewelry. Who said two bracelets can’t go on one arm?

Be it rings, necklaces, or bracelets, sometimes one is not enough to get the job done. Here’s how you can layer your jewelry and create the perfect arm party.

Favorites Come First

Before we get to the stacking, you need to pick a bracelet you can start with. Make this one a no-brainer and pick the one that you love the most. It can have any color, design, or texture. Picking your favorite piece will make the first step easier and allow you to create a look based on that favorite piece. So, the overall arm party will add to the beauty of the piece that you pick first.

Add Some Color

Colorful Indian bangles

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Once you have something to start with, you will need something that adds more flavor and color to it. Not only will this allow you to pair your stack of Indian bracelets with multiple outfits, but will also keep things interesting and colorful. The best way to throw some color into the bracelets is going with radiant gemstones. They will allow you to add your desired colors to the stack and give you a piece of shine and elegance that embellishes all the layers.

Picking a particular color family and pairing them together is the best way to add some layers. You can also take help from a color wheel if you want to create a contrasting look.

Using Thick and Thin

Wearing minimal bracelets is great but a wedding day look demands a little more. To add more colors and texture to your wedding day ensemble, you may want to go with bracelets of varying widths. Add variety to the arrangement by adding a couple of chunky pieces along with some thinner bracelets. Not only will this add more volume to the look, but will also make your arm party way more noticeable. Feel free to set the ratio of thick to thin bracelets based on your look and create an Indian bracelet stack that brings the best out of your wedding day ensemble.

Metallic Mix

Gold and silver are great on their own but nothing comes close when they’re together. Creating a metal mix can help you create an interesting, eye-catchy look that goes with almost every outfit. Indian bracelets made in gold and silver can be effortlessly paired with other pieces of jewelry. So, creating an entire ensemble with these is no less than a walk in the park

Indian bangle

Image courtesy: Flickr

And even if silver is out of the picture, gold comes with enough colors to pull off this Indian bracelet stack by itself. The class of white gold and the warmth of rose gold, paired with the traditional shine of yellow gold can take your arm party to a whole new level.

Know Your Fit

One thing you need to keep in mind while layering Indian bracelets is your fit. Do you like a loose fit or a snug fit? You can pick different pieces based on your fit preferences and pair them according to your outfit. If you’re going for something smaller in size, feel free to go with a snug fit. But if you fancy a piece that is big and heavy, going with a loose fit might be the best choice.

Including a Watch in the Stack

bracelet stacking

Image courtesy: Flickr

A watch is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of functional jewelry that someone can use to add more glam to their arm party. Be it an Indian bracelet or bangles, it can be easily paired with everything. The versatility of a watch makes it reusable for multiple occasions and the various styles and colors give you lots of options to pick from. A watch can also serve as a statement piece and the other layers of your stack can be based on the look and feel of the watch.

There are no rules to picking a watch. Be it a leather strap featuring a classic design, a metallic watch that can fit right into your metallic theme, or an anchor piece loaded with diamonds and stones, a watch can elevate your look and add more depth to your bracelet stack.

When to Stop

Stacking Indian bracelets and bangles is fun and exciting and allows you to experiment with different looks. But knowing when to stop is crucial. Too many bracelets can crowd your arm and kill the whole look. Going with too little can make you feel bare and give you an incomplete look. You can follow the odd number approach, where you can pick an anchor piece and pair it with an even number of smaller bracelets.

Odd numbers are more visually pleasing and produce a sense of visual balance. This can also make your statement piece stand out while the smaller bracelets add to the look. So, go with three, five, or seven bracelets to create a cohesive and complete look.

Indian bracelets are highly versatile and can open you up to a million options. They can go with all kinds of outfits and can create every kind of look. Nothing beats Indian bracelets when it comes to creating an arm party that can amp up the look. Stacking bracelets can take some doing and you might not hit the mark on your first try. But creating the perfect look is all about experimenting with different pieces until you get it just right.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that can carry your look, you’ll find the best ones in our Indian bracelet collection. And if you need help stacking these Indian bracelets, you can reach out to us anytime.

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