Insights From a Wedding Stylist: Why You Need a Mood Board

Published: Sat, Apr 01, 2023
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Insights From a Wedding Stylist: Why You Need a Mood Board

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If you’re styling a wedding and you feel lost or facing problems explaining your vision to your wedding stylist, we have just the thing you need—wedding mood boards. Now, before you jump to Pinterest and start pinning things, you want to know why you need a wedding mood board, how it can help you style an amazing wedding, and help you communicate with your wedding stylist better. Let’s get right into it.

Why You Need a Wedding Mood Board

importance of wedding stylist mood board

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When you close your eyes and think for a minute, what does your wedding look like? Imagine the colors, the design, the theme, and the decorations. Now before you try to put your imagination into words, don’t you think it’ll be easier to just show it all? Let’s see how a wedding mood board can help you and your personal wedding stylist out when you’re trying to bring your vision to life.

To know what you want your special day to look like

Styling a wedding can go from exciting to overwhelming very quickly. If you’re lost or confused and can’t decide what you want your wedding day to look like, a wedding mood board can save the day. It can point you in the right direction for your overall design and help you pick out the colors and the theme. This way you’ll be able to explain your vision to your wedding stylist effortlessly and it will become easier for them to bring it to life.

To make it truly yours

Everyone wants a wedding that is unique and memorable. Starting the styling with a wedding mood board can help you organize all your thoughts and ideas and club them together to style a wedding that is truly yours. It will also allow you and your personal wedding stylist to incorporate your story into the wedding design and make it different. Start with the colors and the theme, include your favorites and you will surely reach a point where it all looks perfect.

To know how your guests will feel

Your special day is sure to invoke a series of emotions among your guests. An aura filled with love and happiness will remind them of their wedding day and how they felt back then. Your wedding design plays a major role in invoking these feelings and can help you decide how you want your guests to feel.

A wedding mood board can help you zero in on a theme. Be it a romantic and soft wedding or something bold, using a wedding mood board can help you convey the vision better to your personal wedding stylist and know how your guests will react to it.

To know what your outfit will look like

Your outfit is a major part of wedding styling. What do you imagine yourself wearing on your special day and how does that make you feel? If you have made up your mind already and know what you’re looking for, you can use your wedding board to share it with your bridal wedding stylist. If you’re still looking, a wedding mood board can be incredibly helpful and assist you in finding the dress that best fits your style.

To handle the stress

It’s no surprise that styling a wedding is a full-time job. In a time when you’re stressed out and have to make so many decisions, a wedding mood board can give you a break and help you use your creativity well. You can sit down with your friends and family and make a wedding mood board together to make the process more fun.

How to Make a Wedding Mood Board

how to make a mood board

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Now that you know why you need a wedding mood board, let’s take a look at how you can design one to make the styling process easier for yourself and your personal wedding stylist.

Start offline

Yes. Don’t just fire up your phones and laptops and look for ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. Use your imagination as a starting point to know what you want your wedding day to look like. Doing this will give you direction and help you filter out things that are not to your liking.

You can discuss your dream wedding with your partner and make a list. Don’t hold back and don’t think about the budget during this brainstorming process. You can take some inspiration from magazines and your favorite books. Nothing is off the table. Pick wild colors and exciting themes. Not only will this make the whole process more fun, but it will also give you and your wedding stylist a design that you will truly like.

Go online

Now that you’ve let your creative juices flow and know what your heart really wants, you can start looking for things on the internet. Use Pinterest, Instagram, and any other app and save whatever you think goes with your vision. Again, don’t think about the budget here. Don’t limit yourself to wedding decorations and themes. Look for outfits, decor, and even different fonts that can help you style your wedding better.

These images and videos can be very helpful when it comes to telling your personal wedding stylist what you’re trying to create, making it easier for your wedding stylist to understand your style and vision better.

Filter things out

Now that you have some material that you can work with, you need to take some stuff out and just keep the necessary things in your mood board. This ‘left-swipe right-swipe’ process will narrow things down and give you what you are looking for in your wedding design. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of ideas that will only make the styling process more difficult for you and your personal wedding stylist.

By filtering things out one at a time, you can reach a point when you have a theme, decor, design as well as an outfit. The best part about all these things is that they will create a cohesive wedding design and look. So, you don’t have to worry about mixing things to make it better.


The only thing left now is sealing the deal. Now that you have picked your direction, taken inspiration from the internet, and filtered out things that you don’t need, you have a mood board that can help your personal wedding stylist effectively bring your vision to life. You can finalize your mood board on Pinterest or you can use Canva. If you’re old school, you can print out the things that your wedding stylist needs to see and pin them on a board. 

With that, you’ll have a wedding mood board that can serve as a great tool when it comes to sharing your vision and style with your personal wedding stylist and all the other vendors. A mood board will also decrease the chances of miscommunication and will also help your bridal wedding stylist understand your personal style and preferences better.

If you’ve created a wedding mood board and you need a bridal wedding stylist to help you out with your outfit and jewelry, we’ll be happy to sign up for the job.


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