These Brides Rocked Their Wedding Jewelry Like a Pro!

Published: Tue, Sep 21, 2021
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These Brides Rocked Their Wedding Jewelry Like a Pro!

Say Indian weddings and what comes to mind?

If you’re someone getting married soon, you would probably mention the unavoidable jitters and stress that comes with wedding planning and new beginnings. But if you’re someone attending a close one’s wedding soon, all you would think of is the celebrations.

No matter which side you’re at, food, nach-gaana and dress up definitely would be in your list.

Gone are the days when dress up was seen as something that just took place around the wedding traditions and customs, which was what took the front seat.

Gone are those days now - wedding shopping, ornamentation, and beautification is just as important. And why not? Afterall, weddings don't happen everyday. And if you’re the bride, then it is rightfully, your BIG day.

As a traditional wedding fine jewelry brand, we have been quite lucky to have been a part of a lot of weddings. The love, emotion and bittersweet moments that come with it are just not something we can get used to. Every story is different, and so is every couple and bride, making each wedding special in its own unique way. And we leave no stone unturned when we are given the responsibility of making the day perfect.

Whatever your jewelry preferences may be—polki, diamonds, gemstones, meenakari—we strive to make sure you get something that leaves you grinning cheek to cheek.

Take a look at some women who have worn Aurus traditional Indian wedding jewelry.

Ayushi: The Lady in Pink!

Ayushi was a true-blue Indyra rani pink lehenga with turquoise details for her wedding. She came to us for her wedding jewelry and on seeing her love for color, we suggested for her to go with our Deccani Navratna Necklace, a piece loaded with colors from a myriad of gemstones and meenakari. Along with this, we also designed her matching haath-phools, earrings and a matha-patti. All decked in Aurus, our first 2021 bride was a delight of a vision. 

Ayushi in her Aurus matha patti and hath phool
Ayushi's Indian wedding necklace and earrings

Pavni Patel: The Beauty in Blue!

Pavni chose to go with Aurus for her reception, for which she was going to wear a gorgeous royal blue lehenga. We loved her idea of going with contrasting colors in her jewelry, and suggested our Panjshir necklace, a diamond and emerald necklace with red enamel detailing, with matching earrings. We couldn’t wait to see her pictures and when we did, we were glad to see her rocking her diamonds so gracefully.

Pavni Patel in our Panjshir diamond necklace and earrings

Ami Pandya: The Boss Lady!

Have you watched Netflix's 'The big day' yet?

If yes, then you need no introduction to this bride.

Ami was soon going to marry her long time beau Nitin. It was like two minds coming together in perfect sync with this project, because for this perfectionist, details were key.

Ami had spent a lot of time away from India and her aesthetic mirrored this Indo-western aesthetic. She had her heart set on our Shyam necklace and Faiza maang tikka. We combined the design of the two to make her a turquoise and tourmaline jewelry set that goes perfectly with her pre-wedding lunch outfit. 

And let us say, the jewelry worked like a dream with her pastel lehenga!

Ami's original selection

Our Shyam Indian wedding necklace and Faiza maang tikka to match Ami's lehenga

Check out our Instagram to see more Aurus brides and their jewelry!

Indian bridal jewelry has long been synonymous with the dazzle of polki, the traditional uncut diamond style. The shimmering brilliance of polki has adorned brides for generations, creating an aura of grandeur and opulence. However, the world of traditional Indian bridal jewelry goes beyond polki, offering a diverse array of choices. Nestled among carefully woven designs, these gemstones are the driving force of the kaleidoscopic hues of Indian bridal jewelry. Today, we will take a deep dive into the enchanting world of gemstones, offering not only aesthetic beauty but also cultural and symbolic significance.


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