Fine Jewelry for Your Pretty Pink Bridal Lehenga!

Published: Fri, Sep 24, 2021
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Fine Jewelry for Your Pretty Pink Bridal Lehenga!

The pink lehenga seems to have made its mark. Granted, brides have been experimenting with bolder, off-beat colours with every passing day. But shades of pink - from pastel pink to magenta pink - have been popping up on our Instagram feeds since the past few wedding seasons consistently. Who can complain though? The colour is a definite classic that does wonders at radiating feminine charm. And the options are endless, you can go the modern Indian way with a blush pink satin lehenga or go the traditional way with a rani pink banarasi work lehenga. Want to go the eclectic way? You could check out Papadontpreach or Sabyasachi for lehengas that are nothing less than a colour-bomb!  

If you’re one of those brides too, who has made up her mind on a pink wedding lehenga, we’re with you. It’s a fail-safe choice. The next step, however, is to select the jewelry to match your pink lehenga. Once you decide on the style you want to go with - diamonds, meenakari, gemstones or polki - the task becomes easier. 

While diamonds are the best way to incorporate modern glam into your look, meenakari (enamel) and polki jewelry is an ideal choice to embrace your Indian roots and let your heritage shine in your bridal attire. 

On the other hand, if you like to keep things fun and quirky, you might want to go with jewelry studded with an array of gemstones, contrasting and complimenting each other. 

Let’s dive deeper into the details!

Diamonds and gemstones

Diamonds, in their most popular, faceted form possess an inherent luxe quality. Remember Priyanka Chopra’s majestic diamond necklaces on the red Sabyasachi lehenga? They’re a great choice if you want an ‘east meets west’ style of bridal outfit. You could go all the way like her, or tone it down, depending on your style. 

Diamonds paired with pearls or gemstones, can make for some uber-interesting bridal jewels, full of drama. According to us, diamonds are the perfect choice for your engagement dinners, reception or cocktail nights, if not the wedding day. 

L-R: Soorya pearl and diamond choker necklace, Neerja tourmaline bracelet, Neerva diamond lariat necklace, Arna diamond maang tikka, Padmaja long diamond earrings, Tara diamond jhumka earrings

Colourful and contrasting

For all the brides who refuse to let their inner child age, this one’s for you. The vibrant world of gemstones awaits! Your wedding jewelry with vivid hues from amethysts, emeralds and rubies can be a window into your playful personality. A pop of colour, breaks monotony and almost acts  like an element of surprise. We at Aurus, love jewelry with multi-coloured gemstones. From long, statement chandbali earrings to navratna gemstone necklaces and chokers, we have something for all the colour-loving brides out there. Is your mehendi outfit building up in your mind already?

L-R : Sanjna gemstone studded chandbala earrings, Chandra handcrafted gold and gemstone earrings, Aurus bride Ami Pandya in a turquoise pearl carpet choker and maang tika, Maithli Indus necklace, A wedding guest in Aurus earrings and Ayesha pearl and gemstone earrings

Pink on pink

There is nothing like too much pink, especially if you have always been that girl who’s always had her everything pink growing up. Going tone-on-tone makes coordinating and layering all your jewelry easier, and is also a safe, fool-proof way of getting your styling perfectly right, with no colours shadowing each other. With gemstones like tourmalines, rubies and rose quartz, we have a number of jewels in store for you to pair with your pink lehenga - regardless of whether you want to go for diamonds, kundan or heavy on gold. A definite must have in our opinion is the Faiza polki maang tikka, with blushing pink and purple gemstones contrasting against the gold. Another jewel you should definitely check out is the Kumudini gold and polki bali earrings - an Aurus signature style! Maybe even pair it with the pink and gold handcrafted Sringara necklace?

L-R : Faiza Tourmaline and amethyst maangtika, Kaveri polki choker necklace, Barkha kundan earrings and matching choker necklace layered with Mayura necklace, Kumudini pink kundan bali earrings, Ayesha statement long pearl necklace, Sringara gold and tourmaline necklace

When traveling for a destination wedding, it's important to choose Indian wedding jewelry that is travel-friendly. Opting for compact and sturdy pieces will make transportation easier and reduce the risk of damage. Consider jewelry that can be easily stored and won't take up much space in your luggage. Pieces like stud earrings, pendant necklaces, or delicate bracelets can be versatile options that can complement various outfits without taking up too much room.

By taking into account the climate, location, and travel-friendly aspects of your destination wedding, you can select the perfect jewelry that will not only enhance your bridal look but also withstand the conditions and make your special day even more memorable. Confused about which jewelry pieces to choose for your destination wedding? Read along for tips to help you make the right decisions!


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