A Breakdown of the Types of Alloys Used in Gold Jewelry

Published: Wed, Mar 01, 2023
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alloys of gold in jewelry

The OG fine gold jewelry and its luster are never out of style. And why would it be? Gold always brings the best out of every outfit, be it a subtle piece that adds a little flavor or something that turns heads wherever you go.

And it doesn’t turn you down when you ask for a little more color. The radiant rose gold and classy white gold are perfect for embellishing a minimal bridal outfit, giving it a touch of grandeur and grace.

But how are white and rose fine gold jewelry made?

Alloys of Gold in Jewelry

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Pure gold isn’t always fit for making jewelry due to its high malleability. While it is beautiful and has a rich, warm color, it is too soft to hold up to the wear and tear that most jewelry is exposed to on a daily basis. Therefore, to decrease the softness of gold and make it more durable and fit for jewelry-making, gold alloys are made by adding another metal to gold.

Gold alloys can be made using a lot of metals, but alloys with silver, copper, and zinc are the most common. All the alloys have different compositions and colors. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

yellow gold jewelry

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Yes, the yellow gold in traditional gold jewelry is also an alloy. The rich and timeless yellow color of gold is produced by combining it with copper and silver. Copper and silver also make gold more harder and durable, making it fit for making gold jewelry that can be worn every day without losing its shape and grip. The composition of 22K yellow gold is 91.67% gold, 5% silver, 2% copper, and 1.33% zinc.

White Gold Jewelry

white gold jewelry

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White gold has gained popularity due to its exquisite shine and class. It’s the perfect choice when you’re looking for a piece that can amp up your minimal outfit and create a look that is not loud but still very noticeable.

White gold jewelry can be made by mixing several metals with gold. These include palladium, platinum, nickel, and zinc. By mixing 75% gold and 25% platinum or palladium, the color of gold can be changed, resulting in a bright white alloy. There might be a layer of rhodium plated on top of the alloy to give it a brilliant white appearance. It also increases the life of the piece and makes it safe for people who are allergic to nickel.

Rose Gold Jewelry

rose gold jewelry

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Just when we thought fine gold jewelry couldn’t get better, rose gold entered the scene. With its warm color and elegance, it can add a touch of aesthetic to your outfit and give you a vintage look.

The beautiful rose color is a gift from copper. A mixture of 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver yields rose gold. What adds to the brilliant color is the fact that rose gold is versatile, and can carry diamonds and gemstones equally as well as the traditional yellow. Rose gold has found its place in the world of modern jewelry and is extensively used to create fine gold jewelry for women. Be it a shiny pair of dangling earrings or a necklace loaded with uncut diamonds, if they’re set in rose gold, they’ll look magnificent by default.

Other Kinds of Alloys in Gold Jewelry

There are some other alloys of gold that yield interesting colors. These include:

  • Red Gold: Remember the tiny bit of silver we added to rose gold? That helps us get the warm and smooth rose color. If silver is not added, a brilliant red color is achieved, made using 3 parts of gold and 1 part of copper.
  • Purple Gold: Purple has its own fan base and they’ll be happy to know about the existence of purple gold. It is made using 80% gold and 20% aluminum.
  • Blue Gold: A mixture of 75% gold and 25% iron yields brilliant blue gold which can make up for a unique piece of jewelry and create a special wedding day look.

Different types of fine gold jewelry can be used to accentuate your wedding day look and make it way more memorable. Experiment with the colors and pick the one that goes with your vibe. And if your heart’s still set on the OG yellow gold jewelry, you might want to take a look at our fine gold jewelry collections.

Indian bridal jewelry has long been synonymous with the dazzle of polki, the traditional uncut diamond style. The shimmering brilliance of polki has adorned brides for generations, creating an aura of grandeur and opulence. However, the world of traditional Indian bridal jewelry goes beyond polki, offering a diverse array of choices. Nestled among carefully woven designs, these gemstones are the driving force of the kaleidoscopic hues of Indian bridal jewelry. Today, we will take a deep dive into the enchanting world of gemstones, offering not only aesthetic beauty but also cultural and symbolic significance.


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