Wedding Jewelry for the Bold and Bright, Color-loving Bride!

Published: Tue, Sep 28, 2021
colorful wedding jewelry

Us: Do you want colors, textures or gemstones?

Indyra Bride: Yes.

Don’t tell the others, but we think you’re the coolest bride to style!

The world is your playground, a space where there’s no rulebook, but only an empty canvas that’s yours to fill with the colors of your imagination. To you, the wedding day should be filled with fun, a celebration of togetherness, hogging on food, adorning colorful wedding jewelry that is as unique as yourselfand dancing yourself to exhaustion. It’s only fair that the décor, location and outfits mimic your infectious zest for life- lots of entertainment, a relaxing atmosphere where you as well as your guests feel comfortable and happy. 

Colorful wedding ideas may not be a part of the typical wedding scheme, but that’s exactly why we love them—they mark a fun departure from ubiquitous delicate tones and will wow your guests with their splashy standout shades, vibrant hues and bold patterns.

There are a few approaches you can take when it comes to colorful wedding ideas and a vibrant scheme: Choose one or two colors to really pop against an otherwise achromatic palette, experiment with tonal variation for a consistent look, or go all out with a rainbow of colors to bring your décor to life. Don't hesitate to mix and match or contrast—unexpected combinations can turn into the most unique and personal touch of the day. Bold centerpieces, dramatic flower arrangements, printed fabric for décor detailing there’s so much that you can do.

Since there’s a lot of possibilities here, it can tend to get overwhelming, but that’s where we step in.

From unique color choices, to quirky details, we left no stone unturned so you have all the options to pick the right colorful wedding jewelry from.

Rewa Jaisalmeri Long Polki and Gemstone Necklace

You’ve painstakingly narrowed down on a lehenga that fits your unflinching style to make that grand entrance. Obviously you’d want a piece that is ‘so you!’ to go with it. Bold ,bright and flamboyant. The statement piece you choose should obviously fit this bill. 

The whimsical, colorful mood of your wedding calls for us to use our best techniques.

Inspired from the necklaces worn by the Jaisalmeri royals in the past, Rewa is a vibrant long multi color gemstone necklace, handcrafted in gold, a bridal necklace that is a statement maker. A medley of hues and forms, this one is a personification of your personality. The hexagonal central unit with blue enamel anchors the striking piece.

We went all out with rows and rows of polki and gemstone studded elements, all strung on lines of faceted labradorite. 

Kumudini Pink Gemstone and Gold Bali Earrings

A Sangeet ceremony is one of the most-awaited pre-wedding functions for everyone. From the fabulous dance performances to trendy outfits, it is a flexible, relaxed event. From traditional wear to stylish Indo-western outfits, a Sangeet night is the best time to play dress up. If it is a more cocktail party kind of an event or is it a relaxed Sangeet cum Mehndi kind of a ceremony, these earrings have the right mix of playfulness and glamour to work for both.

For a cocktail based Sangeet, consider ditching the traditional outfits and go for an Indo-western fusion like an ethnic gown or lehenga with a modern peplum choli or a dhoti-choli. On the other hand, if you're combining the Mehndi and Sangeet together, you can enjoy the flexibility of wearing any kind of dress. A beautiful blend of red and gold is infused into this modern Indian chandbali style earring. This piece is delicate yet offers a statement through the tourmaline and pearl drops that dangle in rich opulence.

Neerva Handcrafted Gold and Diamond Cocktail Ring

If we know you at all by now, we know that a huge diamond is just not gonna make for an eye catching ring of your choice. We’re all for doing things differently here, so obviously we took it up a notch with this ring. With origins dating back to the Rajput Era, Thewa is a special art of jewelry making which involves fusing intricately worked-out sheet gold on molten glass. Our Neerva ring is crafted in gold with this rare goldsmithing technique. Highlighting the central motif, bordered with scintillating brilliant-cut diamonds and pink tourmalines, this beauty is going to accompany you while you dance away with your girlfriends in the Sangeet.

Sajni Peacock Motif Gemstone Mangalsutra

or the auspicious thread which is a symbol of marital status for Indian brides, is made up by stringing nine black beads and nine gold beads. It is an ornament which the groom puts around the bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony. However, you don't need to look at only as an auspicious ornament anymore, it's much more! It has become statement jewelry and something that can be flaunted very well, on the wedding day and thereafter! Modern yet rooted just like you, the Sajni mangalsutra showcases a carved, creative tourmaline, bordered by jet-black enamel and brilliant cut stones. The bird motifs flaunt rose-cut diamonds on the wing and the eye and a deep green emerald stone finishes the piece with its bold pop of colour of course along with the quintessential black beads.

Damini Gemstone and Ruby Kada Bangle

We don’t want to confuse you but we just happen to have so many more pieces that you’ll like. How does a unique colored stone kada with gold and ruby detailing sound? Lovely, right? Portraying natural stones in all its glory, the Damini bangle flaunts the unique mauve colored stone it is made of with a detailing that makes it look modern and edgy. A piece that will catch anyone’s eye, wear it as is or pair it with your red bangles to color coordinate with the rubies on on it.

Pankh Peacock Design Gemstone Necklace

For the fun loving and enthusiastic bride that you are, you would need a playful piece that moves with you. A statement pendant surrounded by dangling stones, suspended to move along while you twirl, gem-encrusted pair of peacocks perch by your neck, radiating luxury with a finely set polki center. Strung on a chain adorned with varied tumbled gemstones, this multi color gemstone necklace is finished with hessonite and emerald drops.

We’re not going to lie, thinking about your vibrant wedding full of dance and fun got us a little too excited. And the fact you might choose us to grace your outfits on the event?

*cue the dhol*


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