Wedding Jewelry for the Minimal and Soulful Bride!

Published: Fri, Sep 24, 2021
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minimal wedding jewelry

We know ‘The Big Day’ is often stereotyped to be extravagant and loud with bright colors. But to all of you who prefer a minimal, sophisticated look, we see you. And we have a lot to say to you. Seriously, A LOT.  You’ll have to stop us as we go on and on about the elegant, contemporary and timeless look. The palette of whites, beige and muted earthy tones lend a graceful charm, unlike any other.

Having your nuptials drenched in the serenity and calmness of whites makes for a pretty picturesque view. Right from the blossoms to the décor, minimal wedding jewelry, and your outfits, you can have your entire soiree look pristine. Top it all off with a subtle dash of beige and gold and it looks almost divine. Not only a match-made in heaven, you and your beau are sure to look like a match getting married in heaven too.

Since the color palette is rigid, the key is to choose accent colors, silhouettes and stones that don't overpower but also don't’ not blend in. Going with the modern minimal look, it's essential that the jewelry is streamlined to the same. Now, it's tricky to look for wedding jewelry pieces that fit the theme. But fear not, nearly-wed, we’re here to help. 

Dvaita Minimal Bracelet

In a classy Indian white and green color palette, the kada style bracelet features prong set diamonds and emeralds with hints of green enamel. What makes this elegant piece even more striking is the unique granular texture formed by closely arranged pearls. Wear it as a key piece with your saree for the reception or stack it with bangles along with your lehenga for the sangeet.

Tara Minimal Earrings

An embodiment of ease and elegance, jhumkas are the OG go-to for every Indian wedding outfit. Since we know your taste is unlike others, we made some tweaks so this pair mirrors both your sides - modern minimal as well as rooted in tradition. One of our most chic jhumkas, the Tara Earrings are dressy, and add movement to your overall look. Giving a modern makeover to the timeless silhouette, the tiered domes and diamond detail add to the most alluring thing about this earring, the pearl fall.  The intimate flower motif stud makes for a statement piece that still manages to not look over the top.

Going by your style, we predict you will have chosen a lehenga that has organza and possibly some lightweight embroidery, choose a necklace and maang tikka with pearl accents along with these earrings or skip the necklace and wear these with a plain saree that has a heavy border to make for an effortless reception or after-party look.

Midori Minimalist Earrings

Emeralds and diamonds are an iconic combination. No one can change our mind about it. Maybe that’s why we keep looking for excuses to use this combination. Edgy minimalism at its finest, this is one piece that is a must have for your jewelry box. 

Thoughtfully designed, there are, ironically, too many elements that set this pair apart, we can’t put a finger on just one. The fancy shaped marquise diamond is already a distinctive choice for the center, followed by surrounding brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds. Intricately placed together the different cuts and colors work harmoniously together to form these gold beauties. We won’t blame you if you keep going back to this piece even after the wedding from the honeymoon to just intimate date nights after that.

Sitaara Minimalist Stud Earrings

Taking it up a notch, we not only played with colors but also cuts in this one. The classic brilliant and round brilliant cut diamonds are worked along with other fancy cuts - trilliant, heart, oval and princess. This pair is literally a bundle of diamonds arranged around a gorgeous central emerald. Our take on the global  trend of incorporating asymmetry in jewelry, these earrings create a sense of dynamism with its distinct and unexpected gemstone placement in an irregular form. These studs will be a reminder of your essence, rooted in tradition yet dynamic, modern and open to experimentation.

Whether you plan to go for an Indo-western gown or a modern cut blouse, these are sure to work well with both. The modern traditional aesthetic makes it versatile for different occasions and outfits.

Neela Minimal Earrings

We plan to give you absolutely everything to choose from! It's your wedding after all! 

Just like jhumkas, chandbalis are another classic that can’t be missed. Obviously we jazzed up the chandbalis for your nuptials too. Diamonds, pearls and hints of blue gems, we didn't hold back. Perfect for occasions like receptions and cocktails, these will complete your look with its modern charm. Keeping the original silhouette of this style intact, we altered the form to look a little more contemporary and Finished it off with pearls placed in a gradation of sizes.

Naina Minimal Pearl Carpet Necklace

Choker necklaces are the most fitting (pun intended) with the wedding aesthetic you have chosen. The tanzanite centre surrounded by brilliant- cut diamonds elevates the rows of pearls that surround it. We bet you were already sold, but there’s tanzanite drops to finish it off too! Imagine this with satin or a lightly embroidered chiffon. Picture perfect!

Farhat Minimal Uncut Diamond Necklace

This one has to be our personal favorite! Uncut Diamonds set using Panchchikam a setting technique native to Gujarat, this piece has a vintage charm to it and is bound to make heads turn.  The unpolished diamonds give a raw edgy yet feminine look to the piece. Any look is sure to be elevated with this piece. Add some bling on your wrists to complete the look and let the necklace do the rest. 

Not only the wedding, this is one investment for your trousseau that can later be an heirloom piece.

We told you buying precious jewelry for your modern minimalistic aesthetic isn't as difficult as you think it is. Now that we’ve significantly helped you with this huge task, we think we deserve a seat at the bridesmaid’s table, no?

When traveling for a destination wedding, it's important to choose Indian wedding jewelry that is travel-friendly. Opting for compact and sturdy pieces will make transportation easier and reduce the risk of damage. Consider jewelry that can be easily stored and won't take up much space in your luggage. Pieces like stud earrings, pendant necklaces, or delicate bracelets can be versatile options that can complement various outfits without taking up too much room.

By taking into account the climate, location, and travel-friendly aspects of your destination wedding, you can select the perfect jewelry that will not only enhance your bridal look but also withstand the conditions and make your special day even more memorable. Confused about which jewelry pieces to choose for your destination wedding? Read along for tips to help you make the right decisions!


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