Wedding time in India is equivalent to a festival in its own right. Celebrating this festival calls for elaborate preparations that become months before the actual event, which includes the colossal task of getting the trousseau, jewelry, decor, theme, and the destination of the wedding in sync! When it comes to jewelry, Kundan jewelry appears to be every bride's favorite choice as her wedding jewelry.

The process of making this intricate jewelry is just as intricate if not more. It begins with the meticulous process of creating the skeletal framework, also known as the ghat. The next step is to pour some wax into the ghat, which is shaped in accordance with the design. The stones are then put into the ghat after being firmly wrapped with a foil called daank. The stones are then polished after being affixed to the framework using gold foil.

The Do's and Don'ts of Kundan Jewelry Care

Kundan jewelry bangles

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Elaborate in its design and delicate in its material, Kundan jewelry requires sincere, thoughtful care. And not just Kundan jewelry, any jewelry you own is like an extension of you. So, caring for it, in a way, becomes caring for yourself. With proper, intentional care, it will continue to delight you for a long time!

Below are some things to look out for and general tips that you can follow to keep your Kundan jewelry shining:

When Being Last Is the Best

Your Kundan jewelry may tarnish or get damaged if it comes into contact with body care products, perfumes, or other chemicals. Therefore, wear your jewelry at the last stage when getting dressed, after your hair and makeup are finished.

Eraser to the Rescue!

A red tarnish can often form on Kundan jewelry as a result of oxidation or due to the adhesives of commercially available fancy jewelry boxes. These stains are easily removable with the help of an eraser. As a preventive measure, however, it is advisable to keep your Kundan jewelry in dry, air-tight, jewelry boxes or delicately wrapped in soft fabric or tissue. You might first wrap it with plastic bags for added protection before placing it in the box.

The Power of Silica

Using silica is an excellent measure to remove any moisture from the air or remove water if your jewelry gets wet accidentally. You can easily find boxes or pouches of silica gel in the market that you can keep in the cabinet or box in which you store your Kundan jewelry.

The Magic of Aluminum Foil

Using aluminum foil to clean your favorite Kundan jewelry is a quick and easy method. Although it seems strange, this technique can clean the jewelry in an effective way. Place some aluminum foil in a dish and fill it with warm water mixed with baking soda, salt, and detergent. Let your Kundan jewelry soak in the mixture for the next 15 minutes. Then remove it and clean it with a wet towel.

Regular Clean Is the Way

Kundan jewelry is extremely delicate in nature; therefore, you should take extra care to preserve its radiance and intricacy for a long time. When cleaning them, use lukewarm water to remove the stain without breaking the ornaments. Wipe your pieces with a soft cloth or tissue. Clean any stains on the jewelry with an eraser. If they become soiled from use, lightly dust the pieces with talcum powder and wipe them clean to keep the shine. After that, simply air out the pieces.

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