Vibrant colors, upbeat music, scrumptious food—there’s nothing quite like a Punjabi Indian wedding! They are a jamboree that lasts for several days and is a spectacle of sound, color, and emotions. Every experience is designed to be cheerful and fun, with not a single dull moment to be experienced.

Everything about Punjabi Indian weddings is opulent. The clothing is one of the most striking aspects—the colors are vibrant, the fabrics are rich, and the jewelry is often heavy and ornate. And don't forget about the food! Punjabi weddings are known for their lavish spread of culinary delights, which includes dishes such as butter chicken and naan, as well as chole bhature and lassi.

The real excitement, however, starts with the music. The sound of the dhol and the vibrant beats of music, in general, are so infectious that those who don't often dance find themselves compelled to tap their feet to the beat. It's not just the music that gets people on the dance floor; it's also the crowd's high spirits and infectious energy.

The Unforgettable Sounds of a Punjabi Indian Wedding

Over the years, thanks to the expansion of Punjabi music entry and Bollywood popularizing it, Punjabi songs have become something that almost every Indian, irrespective of his or her own language, listens to and vibes to. So much so that it is very likely to find a Punjabi song playing at the DJ at a Gujarati wedding! But it is OG Punjabi folk songs that are the real gems of Punjabi music and makes a Punjabi Indian wedding the quintessential wedding it is.

These songs are a significant component of Punjabi culture and have been passed down from generation to generation. The beats are contagious, the lyrics are clever, and the music is upbeat. The result is an inescapable urge to dance and sing along to the music.

Vibrant Punjabi Folk Songs to Amp Up Your Playlist

Update your wedding playlist with these well-known wedding Punjabi folk songs to enliven your sangeet night (and every other function) this wedding season!

Suhe Ve Cheere Waleya

This one’s perhaps one of the most famous Punjabi wedding songs and has been sung by a lot of Punjabi singers, such as the unforgettable duo Surinder Kaur and Prakash Kaur, and the renowned Musarrat Nazir each adding her own touch to it. Showcasing the love a woman has for her to be husband, this folk song is definitely a classic!

Kala Doriya

Again sung by the iconic pair, Surinder Kaur and Parkash Kaur, this one is another traditional song played at the sangeet by the family of the bride.

Chitta Kukkad

There is no way that a member of a Punjabi family could not be familiar with this timeless song! Chitta Kukkad is a folk song that the bride's friends usually sing to her, teasing her with the name of her future husband.

Mera Laung Gawacha

Even if you've not listened to the original version of this song, there are high chances that you've listened to Nucleya's rendition of this very popular Punjabi Indian wedding folk song. This song is sung by the bride for her husband-to-be, saying how he follows her around and how she lost her nose ornament because of it.

Aya Laadiye

Aya Laadiye is a Punjabi Indian wedding folk song that the family of the bride sing for her, telling her that her future husband has come to marry her and take her with him. Yet another classic!

 Latthe Di Chadar

It's a fun Punjabi song that's usually performed at the sangeet ceremony when unmarried girls attempt to persuade unmarried boys to marry them. It also works well as an icebreaker session at a wedding where both the bride's and groom's families are present.

Mehendi Ni Mehendi

Mehndi Ni Mehndi is another classic traditional mehendi song that represents the happiness of the bride-to-be as she applies henna to her hands before the wedding. She talks about the mehendi design she wants and how her entire family has come together to share in her happiness. She believes that the henna is sufficient to adorn her and that her husband would be delighted to see the dark henna on her hands, which represents her love for him.

Matthe Te Chamkan Vaal

Taking a break from songs sung for or by the bride, this Punjabi Indian wedding folk song is sung by the family of the groom during the ceremony of Sehrabandi, where they tie the sehra around his turban or head and apply henna on his hands and surma in his eyes. Did we say that it's yet another classic?

Deor De Vyah Wich

Yet another Punjabi Indian wedding folk song sung at the groom's household, this song is sung by the elder sister-in-law of groom, who wants to convey her happiness and excitement for the wedding of her younger brother-in-law by dancing!

Phullan Di Bahaar

The Punjabi Indian wedding song serves as the ideal reminder of the bride's forthcoming new life. The bride's love for her husband and how she passes the time while she waits for him to come home are also talked about in the song.

Charkha Chanan Da

This Punjabi Indian wedding folk song describes a girl's life after marriage and how she gets sentimental when she sees the sewing machine that her family gave her as a present. She recalls the affection and closeness she experienced with her family and how much she misses everyone. She is overcome with emotion and prays for her maternal family, wishing for them to be content without her.

Folk wedding songs from Punjab are a significant part of maintaining Punjabi culture and customs. They are lively, cheerful, funny, and filled with feelings. They heighten the joy of the celebrations and contribute to the festive ambiance. But more importantly, they also serve as a means of preserving and transferring cultural legacy to the following generation. Most of these songs have been around for ages and are still currently prevalent. They serve as a reminder of the Punjabi people's rich ancestry and history.

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