Post-Indian Wedding Rituals You Must Know About (With Meanings)

Published: Tue, May 02, 2023
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Post indian wedding rituals guide Post indian wedding rituals guide

Indian weddings leave us marveling at the beauty of the cultural heritage and beliefs of the country, beautifully displayed throughout the ceremony. They are imbued with a sense of auspiciousness and meaning, largely due to the various rituals and traditions that form an integral part of the occasion. These rituals, which vary from region to region, contribute to the overall significance and sanctity of the wedding ceremony, making it a memorable and meaningful event for all involved.

post indian wedding rituals post indian wedding rituals

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Unraveling the Intriguing Post-Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian wedding rituals can be encapsulated into three distinct phases: pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding. Just like other rituals in the wedding ceremony, post-wedding rituals also hold significance. One of the primary reasons believed to be behind the post-wedding rituals is to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of the couple’s lives and introduce the bride to her new family. Post-Indian wedding rituals, just like the wedding ceremonies, are also very joyous and loved by every age group. Listed below are a few of the post-wedding rituals that evoke emotions and bring a sense of belonging and togetherness among family members and friends.

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From One Home to Another: Vidaai Ceremony in Indian Weddings

Vidaai, meaning farewell, is the first post-Indian wedding ritual performed after the wedding ceremony as the couple and the groom’s family leave the wedding venue. The once-lively and jubilant atmosphere takes a bittersweet turn as everyone in the bride’s family bids farewell to her with tearful hugs. As she departs towards her new home, the bride throws handfuls of puffed rice in four directions, symbolizing the abundance of wealth and prosperity in her family home. Her brothers push the car as a gesture of support and encouragement, helping their beloved sister begin this new chapter in her life with a sense of strength and confidence.

Vidaai Indian wedding Vidaai Indian wedding

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Grah Pravesh: Welcoming the New Bride

Grah meaning home and Pravesh meaning to enter, Grah Pravesh is another significant and sacred Indian wedding ritual, during which the bride is honored as the embodiment of the goddess Laxmi. To welcome her, her mother-in-law places a pot filled with rice at the doorstep. The bride gently tilts a pot with her right foot as she enters her new home, signifying the arrival of prosperity and bringing good fortune to her new home.

Along with this, a plate filled with vermillion water is also kept. The bride walks into the house after placing her feet into vermillion water, leaving her footprints, symbolizing the blessed arrival of a goddess. Some families also have a tradition of getting a vermillion handprint of the bride on the front wall of the house, signifying her bringing prosperity to the family.

To help integrate the bride into her new family, a series of fun and lively post-Indian wedding rituals are performed at her new home, making her feel welcomed and creating a festive atmosphere.

grah pravesh indian wedding grah pravesh indian wedding

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Game of the Rings: Spotting the One Who Rules

One of the most popular and entertaining Indian wedding rituals is "Finding the Rings," where the newlywed couple faces each other with competitive spirits. A large dish filled with milk, vermillion, and flower petals with a ring of a few betel nuts placed between them The couple has to search for the ring four times to find it. The one who finds it the most often is often regarded as the ruler of the household. This playful post-Indian wedding tradition serves as a way for the bride to bond with her new family and make early connections.

indian wedding ring finding ceremony indian wedding ring finding ceremony

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Darwaza Rokaai: A Joyous Post-Indian Wedding Ritual of Welcoming the Couple

This lighthearted post-Indian wedding ritual follows Vidai as the couple reaches home. After bidding farewell to her family, the newlywed bride is playfully teased by her groom's sisters, who block the entrance to their home and demand gifts from their brother in exchange for allowing the bride to enter. These demands are a fun-filled way of settling the Juta Churai, in which the groom's shoes are stolen by the bride's sisters and they are given gifts to give them back. The negotiation process is filled with laughter and fun, and once the demands are fulfilled, the bride is welcomed into her new home with open arms.

darwaza rokaai indian wedding ceremony darwaza rokaai indian wedding ceremony

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Filled with fun and emotions, post-Indian wedding rituals are a way of acknowledging the bride's transition from her maternal home to her husband's home. Furthermore, they are an opportunity for families and communities to come together and celebrate. They provide a platform for family members to bond and create lasting memories!

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