An Indian wedding is a marriage of cultures and traditions. It brings together people of various religions and beliefs together to celebrate the union of two people bound by the thread of affection and love. The vibrant colors, delicious delicacies, fun rituals, and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation make the wedding day extra special. And when it comes to a cross-culture wedding, a balanced mixture of the two sides makes up for the perfect combo. But planning and styling such a wedding can be tricky and a multicultural personal wedding stylist can be a big help.

2 States and countless other Bollywood romantic comedies have shown us that there’s nothing more beautiful than the fusion of two cultures, flowing hand in hand to celebrate one special day. But for the perfect execution of the fusion theme, you’ll surely need a professional. Because a fusion of a loud and exuberant Punjabi wedding with a tranquil Tamil wedding can come with its challenges.

Fusion Indian wedding

Wedding scene from the movie 2 States

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Why You Need a Multicultural Wedding Stylist

Bringing together the two cultures and carefully weaving them into the theme of the wedding requires the expertise of a multicultural wedding stylist. They can help you accurately depict the values of both sides and incorporate the couple’s personal style into it. Because even though it’s a fusion wedding, it can’t be complete without a touch of you.

To perfectly execute a fat Indian fusion wedding that blends both cultures while maintaining the perfect balance, you will require someone who is well-versed with elements of both sides. This will allow them to take elements from each side and add them to the wedding theme without causing a clash of both cultures and hurting any sentiments.

Now that we’re aware of the challenges that come with planning a fusion wedding, knowing what a multicultural personal wedding stylist brings to the table will surely help.

How a Multicultural Wedding Stylist Can Help Plan a Fusion Wedding

Fusion Indian wedding

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married according to both Christian and Hindu wedding cultures.

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Understanding Cultures

When people of different cultures come together, they bring with them their beliefs and rituals. And the celebration of these rituals and beliefs adds to the fun of the wedding. But having someone who is well versed with these rituals is essential to educate both sides. Be it Maharashtra's Punyavachan and Seemanpuja or Assam’s Juran Diya and Ghor Gosaka, the rituals are not the same unless we are aware of their history and why they’re performed.

Having a multicultural personal wedding stylist will perfectly fill in these shoes and teach both sides about each other’s customs and practices and carry them on while engaging both families, resulting in a memorable experience. Since various rituals are similar across cultures in India, the wedding stylist can identify them and incorporate others from both sides.

Venue Selection

A special wedding requires a special venue. A personal wedding stylist can help you find a venue that can accommodate the traditions of both cultures and can be suitable for a fusion-style wedding.

Decor and Design

A fusion wedding features a blend of vibrant colors from both cultures as well as pretty embellishments. Combining the aesthetic of the two states and maintaining harmony between the elements needs the experience and expertise of a multicultural wedding stylist. They can incorporate elements from both cultures, create a color palette and make floral arrangements in such a way that it reflects the cultural heritage of the couple.


 And now comes the best part — the food! When food is in the picture, everything else is secondary. Imagine having mouth-watering Chhole Kulche loaded with spices and flavors of the North along with sweet Roshogullas to calm down the spice, scrumptious Misal Pavs and flavorful dosas, Dhoklas, Khandvis, and Dal Baati Choorma, all at an arm's reach. A blast of flavors from both states, giving us the best of both worlds.

But our cravings aside, it is vital to know which flavors complement each other. With the assistance of a multicultural wedding stylist, designing a menu that incorporates the flavors and cuisines of both cultures becomes a cakewalk. They can also work with the caterers to ensure that food is made and served in line with the family’s cultural heritage and there are no shortcomings on the presentation front.


The one thing we all love after food is good music and dance. And when two cultures meet, a fusion of both art forms takes over. You can only imagine how fun it would be when Bhangra and Dandia take over the dance floor, while a dhol and Gujarati folk music play in the background. But to make sure the performances possess elements of both cultures and there’s a fine balance, you’ll require a multicultural wedding stylist.

Styling the Bride

Styling the bride for a fusion wedding is a delicate affair. For her, it is the beginning of a new life. As she steps into a new culture, her outfit and her jewels must reflect both her personality as well as the values she holds. It should carry a hint of her own style and elements of both states, with her traditional jewelry adorning her ensemble.

So, it becomes the bridal wedding stylist’s responsibility to add all the flavors to the bride’s outfit while incorporating her own style into it. They can mix and match both cultures and come up with a cohesive look that has the colors of one culture along with the intricate embroidery and design of the other. The look can be effortlessly embellished by adding jewels native to the two cultures. For instance, a bridal Panetar Saree can be paired with a fitting Matha Patti or Maangtika to give the look a touch of both cultures.

Fusion weddings also invite a lot of experimentation, with Leather Lehengas and Saree Gowns becoming commonly worn fusion wedding outfits. This allows the bride as well as the bridal wedding stylist to explore more options and play with the look. These traditional looks featuring a modern touch can be paired with colorful gemstones, polki, and pearls to create a masterpiece.

The Wedding of Krishna's Parents

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The celebration of a multicultural wedding is way bigger than two individuals or two families coming together. It brings together two cultures, their outfits, foods, art forms, beliefs, customs, and rituals. The celebration of something this beautiful must be done right. Having a multicultural personal wedding stylist makes the process of styling a fusion wedding much easier. Because of their assistance, the conventional fat Indian wedding transforms into a fusion of cultures, featuring an array of colors and shades, a blend of the arts, a wide variety of delicacies and so much more.

Celebrate this duo of cultures the right way. Enjoy the sweet mix through the fusion of food, music, and beautiful outfits. And if the latter needs a little more embellishing, we’ll be right here to help you out as your personal wedding stylists.

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