Bracelet Etiquette 101: What To Do (And What Not To Do)

Published: Mon, Mar 20, 2023
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bracelets and bangles do's and don'ts

If you want to create a complete look that represents your style or personality, a set of bangles or bracelets is sure to help. It can help you add more depth and flair to your look and bring the best out of your outfit. A good arm party is also a great confidence booster and makes you feel more put together and polished.

Assuming that you’ve picked the perfect bangles or bracelets for your special occasion, one final step is left—styling it. Styling your bangles and bracelets can be tricky. If done right, it can take your ensemble to a whole new level. We have some tips and tricks that can help you style your bangles and bracelets with your outfit perfectly and create a look that turns heads everywhere you go. Let’s get into it.

Knowing The Basics of Bangles and Bracelets

bracelets and bangles do's and don'ts

The first step is knowing the basics. While your preferred set of bangles or bracelets may be amazing, it might not pair up well with your outfit. So, knowing what to pair with what can make a huge difference.

Start with the colors and theme. Try to find colors that complement the color of your outfit and fit into the theme. You can experiment with various pieces until you find the ones that go with the theme. You can also create a contrasting look. For instance, you can pair black and white, or yellow and purple to create a visually pleasing look.

Then comes the type. What kind of bangles and bracelets will go with your outfit? You can almost always go with gold and silver to play it safe. If you’re looking for some more flavor, you can pick bracelets encrusted with diamonds. If you’re looking for a little more color, bracelets, and bangles encrusted with gemstones and pearls can be a big hit.

Styling It Right

Now that you’ve picked your bangles that perfectly go with your outfit’s color and theme, let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of styling them.


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Pick outfits with optimal sleeve length.

While creating an arm party, knowing the optimal sleeve length can make a big difference. Longer sleeves may cover up your bangles or bracelets completely. So, going with sleeves that are too long is not advised. Try to pick outfits with sleeves that let you showcase your beautiful bracelets and bangles. By choosing the right sleeve length, you can help to enhance the impact of your jewelry and create a more cohesive look.

What’s your fit?

What is your preferred bracelet or bangle size? If you’re looking for something that you can wear every day, we advise you to prioritize comfort. Choosing a snug-fit bracelet for daily use can interfere with your everyday tasks. The same goes for a bracelet that is very loose.

If you’re creating a one-time look for a special day, you can decide the fit according to your outfit. For instance, a special event that requires chic western attire might need a snug-fit bracelet such as a cuff bracelet. But on the other hand, a traditional Indian look might pair up well with a bracelet or bangles with a relaxed fit. Make sure you know what’s your bangle/bracelet size before you pick.

Stack it up.

Another way of creating an interesting look is by stacking your bangles and bracelets. Mix and match different styles and come up with exciting looks. You can pick a theme and stick to it or find an anchor piece and style your whole stack according to it. For instance, you can pick a bracelet encrusted with rubies as your central piece and pair it up with smaller bracelets or bangles and create a chic and elegant arm party for your red outfit.

You can also team your bracelets up with your watch and add more glam to your look. Since it is versatile and can be used for multiple occasions, a watch can surely make the process of styling your stack easier.

One hand or both?

Again, ask your outfit. If you’re wearing a traditional Indian outfit such as a salwar kameez or a saree, going with both hands might be the right choice. You can create a symmetrical arm party on both your hands and create a visually pleasing look that goes with the vibe of the outfit.

If you want to keep it to one hand only, a hathphool bracelet or a set of kundan bangles can be your go-to option. This way you can create an elegant look on one hand while keeping the other one bare or by wearing just a watch.


Image courtesy: Pexels

Overdo it.

While stacking bracelets and bangles can be interesting and can result in some amazing looks, knowing when to stop is essential. If your arm party is getting in the way of your tasks or is uncomfortable for you, you’ve taken it too far and you need to take a step back. You can always go with the odd-number approach to create a visually pleasing look or keep it minimal if you’re in doubt.

Prioritize style over fit.

If style takes the top spot for you, you might be doing it wrong. If you pick a bracelet that is too big, you’ll be worried about losing it the whole time, and if you pick one that is too small, it might hurt your wrist. So, going with the right fit is absolutely essential. If you’ve picked a bracelet that is not your size, you can always ask your jeweler to resize it for you.

Pick metals that are not suitable for your skin.

Some materials such as nickel, which is used in making gold jewelry alloys, can be irritating to the skin and can leave rashes or trigger skin allergies. So, while picking a set of bangles or bracelets, make sure you purchase something that is good for your skin or is hypoallergenic.

Pick something that doesn't go with the structure of your wrist.

Just like clothing, different types of bangles and bracelets may suit different kinds of hands. So, while purchasing hand jewelry, consider the structure of your wrist. If you have longer arms, you can accentuate them with thicker bracelets. If your arms are shorter, going with thinner bracelets and smaller stacks of bangles might bring out the best look.

Apart from picking bracelets with the right colors and designs, following these dos and don’ts will surely help you create a complete look that teams up well with other pieces of jewelry and your outfit. Keep in mind that these are not set in stone. While something may work for one person, it may not for the other. You’re free to try different styles and find the bangles and bracelets that make you look your best. If you’re looking for some inspiration, our bracelet collection is sure to help. And if you need a hand while styling your hand jewelry, feel free to contact us.


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